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Do you feel like the masks that you are wearing are holding you back ?

Have you been trying to uncover the barriers that are preventing you from maximizing your personal and professional success?


Is the political game of managing your race, gender, and other identities at work becoming burdensome?

Are you looking for self-awareness, identity management and performance strategies that will work and take your life satisfaction to another level?

Are you seeking the formula to managing your emotions, attitudes, and behaviors in a way that builds more fruitful relationships, more endless opportunities, and more internal satisfaction and fulfillment?


If so, then you are ready to begin….


"The Art of Unmasking"

Development Program!!!




Using a research-driven cohort coaching curriculum developed by Behaviorist and Diversity Expert Dr. Atira Charles, you will join a maximum of 15-20 high achieving, driven, and self-aware women on a journey of unpeeling the layers.

This cohort becomes a community of sisters and a network of accountability partners throughout the program and beyond!

...You deserve a "good ol’ girls" network too!!!!


So, I invite you to join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-analysis, solution development, performance maximization, and internal fulfillment.


During this 5-week journey, you will receive the following:


·       1-on-1 Unmasking Coaching Session with Dr. C (via videoconference)

·      Two Cohort Unmasking Sessions with Dr. C (via videoconference webinar)

·      Two On-Demand Personal Development Videos

·      Weekly Self-Assessment Activities

·      "The Time is Now" Action Plan Development

·      One copy of Dr. Charles’ audio book


The time is NOW to invest into yourself in order to unmask and allow your inner awareness, authenticity, resiliency, and competence to shine through and maximize your life outcomes!

The "Art of Unmasking" Development Program

is being offered at the personal investment price of $899.00

5-Week Virtual Cohort Coaching Program
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